Enrichment programmes

Enrichment programs are co-curricular activities specially developed and tailored to meet each child's individual needs.


TAEKWANDO: The benefits of physical exercise cannot be over-emphasized. Taekwondo means "the way of the fist and foot". The Do is the important part of the word and it means "the correct way". If learnt correctly, taekwondo is a very technical martial art which results in students learning how to generate maximum power in relation to their build and size. Watching the kids form their little fists and kick out those legs is a site to behold. The outfits can be purchased at the school from the instructor.


MUSIC: Music is a creative ensemble that seeks to engage the senses and fosters team spirit. In this class children are taught how to play musical instruments like the Piano, Violin, Recorders, Drums and Maracas. They are also taught theoretical music.


MATHS CAMP: This is a program for children who need a little extra help with their numbers work. Experienced teachers in the nursery take this class that is sure to quick produce results.



SWIMMING: Learning to swim is so important for children because it helps them to keep safe around water and keeps them fit and healthy. The children learn balance, stability and concentration. It is also a social skill that keeps with them throughout life. The children are expected to come in with their swim wear, floaters, arm bands, towel, slippers and extra clothing. Children without all these will not be allowed to take the class.


FRENCH: It's never too early to introduce the child to language. Children are most sensitive to language acquisition between the ages of birth to 6 years. The children in the French class will be taught the language and would also go on field visits were they will be required to use the language. Parents are encouraged to learn with their kids or surround the kids with people who speak the language so as to reinforce the Kid's learning.


PRESS CLUB: The guiding principle of the club is the firm belief that every individual has the innate ability to optimize him/herself if given the opportunity to do so in the right environment. By laying emphasis on the development of self-confidence, social skills, problem-solving techniques and a willingness to attempt new challenges, our child-oriented strategies enable us serve the child, helping him/her achieve their potentials academically and socially.

Red Cross, Girl Guide, Brownie, Boys scouts would also be included in the extracurricular activities